Zodiacts: A Whimsical Intro to Celestial Beings

Introduces children to the concepts of astrology in a fun, whimsical manner! Follow the moon as she weaves her way through the constellations illuminating the stars and their loony behavior.

Zodiacts: Aries Adventure: Camp on Camping on

Join Andy Aries, Starrkitty, and Leo as they travel to Mars for a fantastic camp on adventure!

Hi, I’m Donna, author/illustrator of Zodiacts, a series of children’s astrology books. My love for astrology, art, and the cosmos inspired me to create Zodiacts. This line of books and tees is based on the Moon’s orbit. The Sun takes about a month to move through a constellation. The faster moving Moon however, zips through in about two and a half days. As she weaves her way through a constellation, the Moon influences our moods with the qualities associated with that zodiac sign. You don’t need to be a Virgo to appreciate that Moon’s “clean up your cloud energy,” Join the stars as they fall under her spell. Romp through the galaxy with Andy Aries. Steal the limelight with Kit. Play hooky with Sally Sagittarius. Have fun and enjoy the lunar antics! 


   Zodiacts: Taurus Treehouse

The stars get busy protecting their resources under this constructive Taurus Moon.


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       Zodiacts: Gemini Jamboree

Experience the energy of Gemini in Zodiacts: Gemini Jamboree. As the Moon whips through the sign of Gemini, the gang travels to Mercury for a whirlwind intergalactic expo!

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Zodiacts: Leo Limelight Lunacy

Starrkitty and Lola Leo get out their diva dukes in this star-studded extravaganza! Which leading lady will steal the spotlight?

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Zodiacts: Cancer Conundrum

Carina Cancer is throwing her first party and is fearful no one will show! Emotions run high during this Cancer Moon. Is it a good night for a party or will tantrums ensue?

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The quest for perfection is explored in Zodiacts: Vinny d’ Virgo and His Veggie Vittles. Vinny is determined to create the healthiest, most delicious meal the cosmos has ever known. Will this well-meaning, but neurotic Virgo succeed in wowing the critics or will his culinary endeavors result in a massive flop? You be the judge!

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