Andy Aries

Sally Sadge

This hard working miss will do whatever it takes as long as that  curtain goes up!  When Lola isn't strutting her stuff on stage, she's  found behind the scenes writing, directing, and costume designing. She's  George Clooney, Alfred Hitchcock and Arachne topped off with a tad of Michelangelo!   Not only is she very creative, she's a keen busines tycoon as well.   Hedging her bets, on the off chance her wagon doesn't get hitched to a rising star, she's already co-ceo of a fairly successful point accesory business!  Not to mention studying galactic economics when the theater is dark.
Lola Leo

This exuberant little star always has something up her sleeve. Whether its starting an intergalactic food bank or launching a new fragrance(her Mom's part Libra!) Sally is never one to rest on her laurels. The only problem is she has too many great ideas!  And honestly is anything so pressing that it can't wait until after a skate?


Is that a meteor or a comet?  No it's Andy Aries performing a quad wheelie! When he's not sambaing or sashaying around the solar system, this lunar arien can be found moto-crossing on olympic mons where he lets his competitive edge run wild. No sulking Andy you can't win every time. Lunar aries, Solar cap. Lucky for Donald Trump this dude has his sights set on  discovering a new galaxy.