This lady is so empathetic and commiserates so whole-heartedly with other stars that she actually becomes them! Then when the injured star finds Pen has vanished instantly without a trace they feel abandoned, creating even more emotional havoc. What’s a poor pisces to do? For starters tea on Triton is always lovely. If there's one thing this sensitive gal likes other than shrimp,truffles,big sunglasses, it's planets high on gasses!

 This quiet twin waited for the moon to sidle into cancer before he appeared on the scene. He knew from the womb somestar was going to need to keep his points firmly planted on the cloud, and it surely wasn't going to be his pesky geminian brother. But there's no denying he loves his dashing, verbose twin. If only Pollux could spare the time to revisit the past. Oh the antics the two of them shared. The shenanigans. Well like Pollux says there's no point living in the past.  Let's just get something in the oven on the off chance company drops in. Chocolate celestial cream puffs or luscious lemon zinger bars? Maybe a Sirius Strawberry Shortcake? That is mothers favorite.  Hmmn?

	Daddy is not nearly as scary as he looks.  He's just intensely, scorpionically driven and full of purpose. The thing to do is steer clear of his workshop and you'll be fine. When Daddy's projects are going swimmingly he's an absolute teddy of a star to hang with. If you need to ferret out his mood, bribe Starrkitty.  No matter how volatile the situation in the workshop gets, Starr can always soften Daddy’s temper.

Penelope Pisces