Aries Adventure: Camp on Camping on

First in the series, Zodiacts: Aries Adventure: Camp on Camping On by Donna McGarry is filled with the wonder of the night skies and all things that glow. Written for young readers, this enchanting tale is teeming with bright images of the constellations and provides archetypes of the first zodiac sign of Aries. As the Moon travels through the constellation Aries, the gang journeys to Mars for a non-stop camp-on adventure that is nothing short of a surreal dreamscape which young readers will revel in. As a tool to help develop a child’s sense of compassion, this mesmerizing children’s reader celebrates eccentricity and creativity.


“The fun experienced by these colorful and entertaining characters is contagious and beautifully captured in the author’s unique, bright and captivating illustrations.” Marcha Fox, author of Whobeda’s Guide to Astrology
Marcha Fox
Author of Whobeda’s Guide to Astrology
"I can think of no more fabulous way to teach young ones about the astrological meaning of planets, signs, and stars--in short, the archetypes of which we are all made--than through the talented Donna McGarry's art and words! The author/artist has created a whimsical and attractive book suitable for all, but especially so for children. She teaches us about both our differences and our similarities, and how we can learn to live together by better understanding one another. Bravo to this author and artist for bringing astrology down to earth and maintaining the tradition of storytelling in a way that keeps alive the universality of mythology--through illustrations of how the planets, stars, and signs are a part of our lives now and for time immemorial! Oh, and it's a fun read too!”
Sheri Horn Hasan
Karmic Astrology