Astrological Services

I’m a level one certified practitioner of Steven Forrest’s Evolutionary Astrology Apprenticeship Program. I fell in love with astrology when I was 14. Studying the planets and their placement in a birth chart, afforded me a better understanding of my friends, family and myself. A wonderful tool for self knowledge, the study of astrology can guide you to making proactive, powerful, life affirming choices. My readings focus on illuminating the challenges, obstacles and gifts inherent to your personality. We can discover what you came here to do, and my hope is that after the reading you’ll leave with a strong sense of mission and determination.

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NATAL $125.00 (60-90 min.)
Relationship Reading $150.00 (60-90 min.)

A natal chart is a map of the astrological configurations in the sky at the exact moment of your birth. This is the chart  from which all other types are derived. This charts symbolism will unfold over the course of your lifetime.

The practice of Evolutionary Astrology involves using free will to work with the energy of the planets, making positive life affirming choices. Why not investigate this treasure trove of information!

TRANSITS & PROGRESSIONS $75 (60 min. must have natal chart previously done)

Your natal chart unfolds throughout time. As the planets current position in the sky make aspects to your natal planets, different energies kick in. With a thorough understanding of your birth chart, we can look at these “transits” and see how best to apply the energy.

RELATIONSHIPS & SYNASTRY $125 (90-120 min)

What are the strengths and weaknesses of your relationship? Astrology can offer key insights into your issues with a lover, business partner, friend,  or family member. By studying and comparing two charts, we can decipher where you mesh, where you clash, and what type of challenges you may ultimately face.