Cancer Conundrum

The stars are put through the emotional ringer in Zodiacts: Cancer Conundrum. Carina's throwing her first party, is eager to please and fearful no one will show. Leo's feelings are hurt; he hasn't been invited. The sought after Sally Sagittarius has a skating conflict and Starrkitty's miffed she's not the center of attention! Everyone's a little moody during this emotional Cancer Moon. Is it a good night for a party, or will tantrums ensue? Welcome to Cancer Conundrum!


“This colorful book with its wacky illustrations had me laughing before I even got to the story itself. The action centers around a birthday party, something children of all ages can relate to. As they discover the different reactions of the various guests it can help them learn about their own emotions as well as how their moods can affect others. If you have a child who tends to be moody you couldn’t find a better way to talk about it than this. Whether or not you’re interested in astrology you’ll be able to relate to the colorful characters who are likely to provoke at least one “Aha!” moment as they remind you of numerous people you know.”
Marcha Fox
Author of Whobeda’s Guide to Astrology