Gemini Jamboree

Zodiacts: Gemini Jamboree by Donna McGarry introduces young readers to the energies and nuances of the zodiac sign Gemini. As the Moon whips through the sign of Gemini, The Zodiacts, a whimsical family of stars, travel to Mercury for an action packed intergalactic expo. At the fair, the gang picnics, plays games, buys, sells, and rocks out. A true Gemini’s dream!


“The author has woven a lively rendition of the essence of Gemini within the vibrant illustrations and poetic prose of this delightful children’s book. Children will love the author’s lively and whimsical characters and the ever-popular rhythm of rhyme. Mercurial wit, joy of learning, even a hint of the Trickster will delight children of all ages while those familiar with astrological archetypes will enjoy them on an entirely different level. Professional and amateur astrologers as well as avid fans of this ancient art will find increased understanding and application of Gemini and Mercury’s horoscopic influences in this clever tale while young readers will enjoy the colorful pages and story as a fanciful adventure.”
Marcha Fox
Author of 'Whobeda's Guide to Basic Astrology