Taurus Treehouse

Zodiacts: Taurus Tree House by Donna McGarry illuminates the simplistic beauty of the constellation Taurus. Written for young readers, this delightful tale opens with the stars in a tizzy over their dwindling resources Starrkitty fears she's losing her charm, Leo can't find his breakfast, and Grannitaurus prized garden is under attack! Employing the constructive energy of the Taurus Moon, the gang learns both the value of building something substantial as well as the joy of sharing the fruits of their labors.


"Looking for a children's book with original art like Eric Carle and quirky Dr.Seuss-esque rhymes? Pick up Donna McGarry's Zodiacts: Taurus Treehouse, a story about several zodiac signs in strange forms who are having a bad day. Parents will adore this book for its originality and funny lines while kids can relate to the zodiacs; they're kids, too!”
Jeridel Banks
Author ‘The Ends Don’t Tie With Bunny Rabbits’