Vinny d’Virgo and His Veggie Vittles

The quest for perfection is explored in Zodiacts: Vinny d’ Virgo and His Veggie Vittles. When a Healthy Eating Challenge contest is announced, Vinny d’ throws his hat into the ring. Vinny is determined to create the healthiest, most delicious meal the cosmos has ever known. Will this well-meaning, but neurotic Virgo succeed in wowing the critics or will his culinary endeavors result in a massive flop? You be the judge!


"Donna McGarry continues to enchant and actually to enlighten with her delightful treasures for children from five to a hundred and five."
Steven Forrest
Author of The Inner Sky
“I'm a long time fan of Donna McGarry's work. Her Zodiacts series is such a clever idea. As a Virgo, I couldn't wait for her to publish "my book." She didn't disappoint and I laughed all the way through it. Virgos do love their veggies! The rhymes are delightful and the illustrations are original and very colorful. The series teaches kids (and adults) about different personalities using astrology as a guide. Each book highlights traits and how they affect others. Our differences often divide us but the inspiring messages in this series show that those differences can also bring us together as we learn to be more accepting, forgiving and even encouraged by the quirky ways of others and ourselves. In Vinny d'Virgo, we learn about perfection, criticism from others, healthy foods, picky eaters, winning and losing, never giving up and the power of friendship. I highly recommend the series to everyone.”
Robin Austin
Slashed Reads